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Understanding the thoroughbred using the methods of Vuillier and Varola

Australia and New Zealand Current Chefs-de-race

Absurd (B)

Fairy King (B/C)

Marconigram (C/S)

Sequalo (B)

Adraan (B/I)

Famous Star (B)

Marooned (I/S)

Shamardal (I/C)

Agricola (C/P)

Fastnet Rock (B/C)

Marscay (B/C)

Showdown (B/C)

Ahonoora (I)

Faux Tirage (I/C)

Martian (C)

Siegfried (S)

Ajax (B)

Flying Spur (I)

Masthead (C)

Silver Dream (I)

Alcimedes (C)

Foxbridge (P)

Matrice (B/C)

Sir Tristram (C)

Alvaro (S)

Galileo (C/S)

Mellay (C/S)

Smokey Eyes (B/C)

Anabaa (B/C)

Geiger Counter (B/C)

Midstream (C)

Snippets (B/I)

Arctic Explorer (C/S)

General Nediym (B)

More Than Ready (B/I)

Sobig (C/P)

At Talaq (I)

Generous (S)

Moss Trooper (P)

Sostenuto (I)

Baguette (B)

Godswalk (B/I)

Mr. Standfast (C/S)

Sound Reason (I/C)

Balloch (C/P)

Gold Brose (B/I)

Nassipour (C/P)

Sovereign Edition (B/C)

Balmerino (S)

Gold Nib (B/C)

Newtown Wonder (B)

Spearfelt (P)

Battle-Waggon (C)

Gold Sovereign (B/I)

Nilo (I)

Spectacular Spy (B)

Beau Pere (C/P)

Good Brandy (I)

Nizami (C/S)

St Covet (B)

Beau Sovereign (B/I)

Grand Lodge (I/C)

Noalcoholic (I)

St. Magnus (I/S)

Beaufort Sea (I)

Grosvenor (C/S)

Noble Bijou (S)

Star Kingdom (I/C)

Bellotto (I/S)

Haulpak (B/I)

Northern Meteor (B)

Star Watch (B/C)

Belong To Me (B/I)

Helios (C/S)

Oak Ridge (S)

Star Way (C)

Better Boy (I/S)

Hennessy (B/I)

Old Spice (I/S)

Storm Cat (I)

Better Honey (I/C)

Hermes (P)

Oncidium (C)

Straight Strike (B/I)

Biscay (B)

Heroic (C)

One Pound Sterling (I/C)

Stravinsky (B/I)

Bletchingly (B/C)

High Chaparral (C)

O'Reilly (B/C)

Street Cry (C)

Bletchley Park (I)

Hunting Song (S)

Orgoglio (B)

Success Express (B/I)

Bluebird (I)

Hussonet (I)

Pakistan (B)

Summertime (C)

Brave Warrior (I)

I Am Invincible (B)

Palace Music (I/C)

Sunday Silence (C)

Brueghel (I)

Icelandic (S)

Pantheon (S)

Taipan (B)

Bulandshar (C)

Imposing (B/C)

Paper Money (I)

Tale Of The Cat(B)

Canny Lad (B/I)

In the Purple (P)

Peintre Celebre (I/C)

Targui (S)

Cape Cross (C)

Jeune (S)

Pentire (C/P)

Testa Rossa (B/I)

Centaine (I)

Jungle Boy (B/I)

Pins (I/S)

The Buzzard (C/P)

Century (B/C)

Kaapstad (I)

Pipe of Peace (I/S)

The Welkin (B/C)

Chief Ruler (B/C)

Kaoru Star (B/I)

Pivotal (I/C)

Thorn Park (I/C)

Claude (C)

Kenmare (I)

Planet Kingdom (I/C)

Three Legs (B/C)

Comedy King (S)

Kingdom Bay (B/I)

Pompeii Court (I/S)

Thunder Gulch (C)

Commands (B/I)

Knight’s Romance (B)

Pride of Kildare (B/C)

Todman (B)

Copenhagen II (B)

Kreisler (I)

Prized (I/S)

Touching Wood (P)

Coronation Boy (B)

Last Tycoon (B/C)

Quest for Fame (I)

Twig Moss (I/S)

Count Rendered (C)

Latin Lover (C/P)

Rancher (B)

Vain (B)

Crested Wave (I/C)

Law Maker (I)

Redoute’s Choice (B/C)

Valais (B/C)

Danehill (I/C)

Le Cordonnier (B/I)

Red Gauntlet (B)

Vice Regal (I)

Danehill Dancer (I)

Le Filou (P)

Red Ransom (I)

Volksraad (B/I)

Danewin (I/S)

Le Grand Duc (C)

Rego (B)

War Hawk II (S)

Decies (C)

Limond (C)

Resurgent (I)

Western Symphony (I)

Dehere (I)

Lion Hunter (B)

Rory’s Jester (B)

Whiskey Road

Delville Wood

Long Row (I)

Rossendale (C)

Wilkes (B)

Deputy Governor (I/C)

Lonhro (I)

Royal Academy (B/I)

Windbag (I/C)

Dhoti (B/I)

Lord Ballina (I/C)

Rubiton (B/I)

Without Fear (B/I)

Don’t Say Halo (I)

Lord Quex (I/S)

Ruthless (S)

Woodman (I/S)

Dubawi (I/S)

Lunchtime (B)

Sabaean (I/S)

Zabeel (C/P)

El Qahira (B/C)

Luskin Star (B/I)

Salieri (B/C)

Zamazaan (P)

Empyrean (B/C)

Made of Gold (B)

Salmagundi (S)

Zeditave (B)

Encosta De Lago (I/C)

Magpie (C/S)

Scenic (I/C)

Zephyr Bay (B/C)

Enfield (P)

Manitoba (B/C)

Sea Anchor (C/S)

Zvornik (B/C)

Exceed and Excel (B)

Marauding (B/I)

Seeking The Gold (I)


Fair’s Fair (B/C)

Marco Polo (P)

Semipalatinsk (I/S)



Updated list

We have now included the current updated list of ANZ Chefs-de-race.  I will post a little more about these updates and their importance to the breed.  We trust that the new additions will assist in students of dosage in assessing current pedigrees.  There is still a long way to go with the retirement of Dr Roman, and there are a number of gaps in overseas influences.  These will be addressed in the future, as will a project to include some of the neglected historical influences.